As for the remaining magic is staring at the month shallow almost bare of Jiao Qu? Eyes sense light? Peerless beauty although seen by many as the month? But shallow so beauty is a princess charming identity beauty but few?? Hades Hades Kun and Wang Shang are in the same time looking up at the sky white month? Two Pluto in almost shocked after? Also shook his head? The underworld don't seem to calm down? When the thirty-three head swallow day fire apes together, looked up at the sky when, fifth survived the fire finally gather up to no regrets? What's the two? People, this is a kind of experience, not necessarily what will happen?A deep cold, war on Taiwan, not human, but hell, even more terrible than purgatory? So strong Yu Ling talent, plus the skill and good, this is really the Wang children? Exactly, and honour Yang Su arrived, no hesitation, burning flame dark black hands seize the black fracture tear? You see Ling Yan hesitate to look, the Zhang Qiao smile face, more direct solidification lived... As no regrets only retreat? After other people also find themselves in a defensive spell Fire Magic is destroyed? Began to retreat? Not refund? The Yamagata monster attack at they are not the quality can meet?Then, Qin Zhen sitting in the cyclone the eagle on the back, flying into the air? Your God chuckle? In the control room the interstellar cloud boat, Qi wind? Nolan? Real thousand three people see Qin Zhen in danger, face excitement flaring? The Kobold crazy hit the green barrier, floret easily support the enchantment, plunge into the underground root of foot, began to crazy to open, the nutrients be absorbed, to flower power, suddenly, opening in the ground, a huge thorn towards two Kobold Jici and go! When begin to piece together the head, as no regrets of the hand not from tremble? As no regrets very self deprecating think himself so excited to look like?Dean room? Soon? A underground array Chi Chi Lala sound? Then the red awn flash? The burst? Everyone again to see if the absolute seal pretty Dickson like? While in contact and absolute seal place? Jia Xibei's two blood red dagger staggered up and down in the crack defense membrane laterally off a twists and turns? But? In the noise disappears? The boy's voice again? PA ~ ~ now million Mojiao rise and superior, destined for the three world situation must break, the question is, who will die?The ninety-first chapter is hate hypocrisy any match in front of repair Hengyu are clouds? Hazy moon's charm in the fight, but have to say? Compared to Hengyu, her attack appears a little pale? This year's scenery is million Mojiao? Evil hall? From the fire, and made an alliance simmering eight Da Bao? This Simon feather really was the first wind Peng family space environment disciple, when the oil lamps dry out, also can stimulate the body's potential, Xuan spirit come out, opened a channel? Jian Xianzi Jean Wan son words didn't finish saying, suddenly reminded of a squeak squeak behind a rat call, Tao as black sea waves came up from behind?The general says some unbelievable? Up on a road without regret hold world king bow? Keep clean out to harass star soul sword? Fortunately, on his way back to the pavilion without encountering the star soul boundary and the star soul ban? Three people arrived safely at the white house here?! Qin put close communications array? Fonzie was from the start to glow? To light slowly coagulate a meditation with eyes closed man figure? When the evil emperor to see this figure? And stay there?Ling Yanwen acts like a snow mood, but the brain some turn not to come over, but, exactly still hark back to the subject. Li Yuner is really turn in one's grave, even million Mojiao disciple is not so depressed, also want to scold, but found that his head had flown? Ling Yan will either vertical in front of their own, binocular one's eyes brimming with radiating vigour, and looking at it. Have a look around the eyes, it was completely different? At the moment if viewed from the sky direction? Can see the scene shaking heaven and earth picture?
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