AntiVirus for Home PC
Net Protector AntiVirus + Internet Security For Home PC :

Your Home Computer is attacked by viruses and spywares hiding in various sources like
  • Broadband / Dial-up Internet Connection
  • E-mails and Messenger Chat
  • Digital Camera
  • Memory Cards
  • USB Pen Drives
  • MP3 Player / iPods
  • Game / Entertainment CDs
  • Mobile Phones
  • Floppies, CDs etc...
Net Protector AntiVirus + Internet Security For Home PC
Net Protector AntiVirus incorporates a very strong Anti-Virus and Internet Security to defend your Home PC from all such attacks and threats.

Install Net Protector and use your PC for connecting to various devices safely. Your PC will remain protected from these latest new virus sources, Spywares, Malwares, Worms.

All family members can use the Internet and E-mail with full speed for study, work and entertainment.

Spywares generate a lot of Internet traffic and increase your Internet Bills and slow down / hangs your PC.

Net Protector
defends your PC from such spyware attacks and ensures your Home PC is Healthy and fit and also internet bills are kept to minimum.

Net Protector

Internet Security
Single User Edition for 1 PC
1 Year
Rs. 750 *
3 Years
Rs. 1380 *

 Note : For Bulk Quantity of product, directly contact on 9272707050 or
our Sales Department.

* Terms and Conditions :
1. Above Price is for internet download and email Key only.
2. You will receive Email and SMS of Key after the payment is cleared.
3. Optional : Installation by technician if required then Rs.150 extra per PC.

Note :
  • Free Phone / Email / Online best support from our helpdesk.
  • Price is inclusive of all taxes.
Works on Desktop OS
Windows Platforms