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Online Purchase Help

1. Open www.indiaantivirus.com in Internet Explorer 9+ or higher, Google Chrome     or Mozilla Firefox.

2. Now click on "Buy Now" Button.

3. Now click on " Credit Card Purchase - Online, Instant and Secure"
    # We accept all Credit Cards.

4. Now click on product name that you want to purchase.

5. Fill all Billing & Credit Card Information.
    # In Phone field please enter your mobile number to get Key number on
       your mobile instantly.

    CVV Code is located on the back side of your Credit Card.
    After filling all Credit Card information click on
"Submit Payment"

After successful payment you will get NPAV Key number by mail and sms.

To get NPAV Key number after payment and any help regarding Online Payment
please feel free to contact us on
: 09325102020 / 9372222520 / 9326390900 / 9272667997

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