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Laptop Tracker
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NPAV Laptop Tracker
  Secure your Laptop by registering it with us :
Register your Laptop
Run "LapTrack.exe" on the Laptop that you own.
Download and Run :
Enter the laptop owners information and Register.
Important: Please enter the correct and full details of the owner of the laptop.
In case of theft / lost laptop
If unfortunately you lose your laptop then,
Report Online that your laptop is stolen. We will put your laptop on hot tracking.
  Click Here for Online Report
Receive alerts with Laptop Location
Whenever we get updates from stolen laptop, even after formatting it, you will keep receiving email alerts with IP address and location. you can then provide this information to the police / local law enforcement authorities, who can contact the Internet Service Provider and get the exact address of the laptop.
Check before Buy :
Before Buying and used laptop, you can verify online if the laptop is reported as a stolen one by the actual owner.
Do not buy or sale laptops which are reported as stolen!
  Click Here for check before Buy
  Features :
No installation. Only run "LapTrack.exe" It works even if Laptop is formatted.
You can use it for your Desktop PC also You can register your Laptop even
    if you dont have Net Protector AntiVirus.
  Disclaimer: This service is designed to help you track your laptop in case it is stolen or lost. We do not guarantee, and we are not liable if the stolen laptop is not found.
  For any queries please email to :