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Net Protector Mobile Security for Android
Net Protector Research Lab has launched new Net Protector Mobile Security Software for the Android Mobiles.

Smartphones bring the virtual world closer to you wherever you go Unfortunately, they also bring along various viruses, malware and spyware that can threaten your privacy and cause Ineffaceable damage.

So,make your smart phone smarter and safer! With NPAV Mobile Security.It is easy to use, does not drain your battery and protects your mobile life.
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Features of this software are

After clicking on Scan button it will start complete mobile scanning.User can also able abort a scanning by pressing abort button.After completion of scanning process it will display scan summary.
Clicking on Update button on Dashboard it will showing Update Activity,when user will click on Update Antivirus button on same screen it will start updating.After downloding all updates successfully user will get the message Antivirus successfully updated.
App Manager
Showing all user installed applications along with their size. User can be able to see all installed application in mobile as well as user able to uninstalled
unwanted application easily and save memory space and improve mobile speed.
Privacy Control
It will be a new feature to merge into the Android Mobile Security App.Helpful to see what are the permissions used by particular app. It is very usefull feature because some app access your important data like contact list, reading sms, images etc. So you can able to
see here all permissions used by app and actual meaning of that perticular permission.Here Categorise as per used permissions wise application list and appwise used permissions list.
Space Analyser
Show the internal and external used space and free space. Categories different folder as per collections
of different files from images,videos,Images,Download,Documents,Apps.List all directories/files from
internal storage and external storage.Sorting the files and directories as per the maximum size.
User can able to see which files are taking more space and path of that files.
Duplicate File Fixer
Duplicate Files Fixer, finds and removes duplicate files from your Android device so that you can recover additional storage space .
Similer you can delete all types of documents files, audio files, vedio files, images etc. Hence its improve mobile deviceefficiency.
System Information
Now days mobile device features structure is very complecated .So user can not find out fastly system information like os name,
api level, model, screen size,ram,internal space etc. So this feature help you getting system information easily.

Mobile Phone Requirements:

Net Protector Mobile Security is designed for Android based Mobiles.

Supported Versions of Android :
  Android KitKat (
  Android Lollipop (5.0-5.1)
  Android Marshmallow(6.0-6.0.1)
  Android Nougat (7.0-7.1.1)
  Android Oreo (8.0)
  Android Pie (9.0)
  Android Q (10.0)
  Android R (11.0)

NPAV: Emergency APP

        Net Protector LAB has developed and released a new Free App for Android Mobiles to help you in case you are in any kind of emergency.

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